turns out a creampie isn’t a pastry and the internet is a disgusting place

The girls with Demi, NLT backstage


truth or dare more like preform a strange sexual act or tell me who you like

i just love her

Jade thirlwall + favorite outfits.

Jade 'cute' Thirlwall.

url meme>moanperrie

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Since I’ve recently reached my next thousand I thought I would do a follow forever! :)

Little Mix URLS:

Perrie Urls: perriencess, hellaperrie, perrieedwards, perrielouiseed, perrieemix, perriesmitten, perrieslut, fairyperrie, kittenperrie, perriemove, soperrie, moanperrie, perrieswinkle, perriepanda, perrieste, lustsperrie, dammitperrie

Jade URLS:  thirlhood, thirlie, thvrlwall, adorewall, thirls, thirlbabe, jadescannonball, thirlmoan, thirlwife, thirlboob, akathirlwall, thirvvy, cannonwall, vougewall, jadelust, thirliewhirl, jadecurlwall, moanjade, jadestattoo, jdaethirlwall

Leigh URLS: goldpinnock, lelghpinnock, adoreleigh, pinnlocked, leighmited, cosmicleigh, typicalleigh, leiqhade, goddessleigh, crayforleigh, boobleigh

Jesy URLS: jesyenlson, pocketpesy, jxsynxlson, gorgejesy, jesy-nelson,  flanneljesy, jesysface, jesynation, wowjesy, ehjesy, jesyurl, jesyscute, thirlyjesy, jesysalute, jesycurves, fingeringjesy, radnelson, beatboxerjesy, jesycouture

Band URLS: rythxim, mixerprince, rythmixvevo, salutezs, fierymix, mixersmagic, littelmix, girlpowermix, smallsizedmix, lttilemix, cupofmix, acapellamix, naughtymix, 

One Direction/Everything else:

Other: stilesies, h8zayn, llouteasdale, niallkink, lollipopliamlukesredcap, destinyhelpsnilalcniall, ofneons, pandjcurry, literallyradahajaweed, jawllines, nialler, zaynsdick, billiondays, imlafinn, cranzerries, niallbros, bangcocks, babyspcie, tattums,  thepowerangers, asslikekim, awharrys, withurlove, katstraford, lightwieghts, kinkzayn, ofjack, hoenarry, llirry, privilegedgayzourryoffical, arrystyles

People I talk to on a daily basis:

ULTIMATE FAVORITES: mainheaux, punkassjesy, edvardz, jadehatesmonobrows, jadethirlwawll, gay4perrie, aroldstyles, perriesicle, jessicanelson, wannamoves, jesyplz, thirlhell, isperrie, thirlweed, littlemixurl, jesicaneslon, pinncock, perriesbabes, voldermorts, fvcksboys, babyperrie, jdaesy, nouicide

I’m so so so sorry if I forgot anyone, it’s really late, but I love you all!!! <3

I love you

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everyone else has been doing this, plus i’ve had a really hard time thinking of gif set ideas so here we go! 

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  • send me a message saying you want to be part of the url meme

that’s it! if this get a lot of reblogs than please be patient xx